Him & Her


"Him & Her" Why This Story?

Our project showcases a gay lead male, a Hispanic mental health professional, and a struggling but powerful lead female to display strength, stability, and power from marginalized groups of people. Our film challenges stereotypes of individuals that society might consider weak. 

I wrote this film because I believe we do not speak enough about the positivity that can come from receiving mental health therapy. As a Mexican American, I come from a culture where seeking professional help outside of the family is taboo and frowned upon, which jaded me as I enrolled in USC to major in counseling psychology with the hopes of helping people one day. 

Maneuvering through the world in my career as a therapist, I experienced first hand how many people out in the world are hurting and struggling to find connection with others, meaning in life and answers to our concerns and questions. Some from the same ethnic background as myself but many from various origins which I found comfort in the fact that all of us on this planet (no matter what skin, sex or orientation you come from) have a need to be heard and helped when life slams us with its heavy hammer. 

Upon making my way into the film-making industry, I found some fantastic professionals who have become my closest friends, and together, we share a passion for creating art that carries impact and meaning. I have built a reputation in the counseling community of Los Angeles and Las Vegas as a person who is honest, caring and stands up for people. My intention for the films I produce are the same. I collaborate with individuals who are transparent in purpose, have an innate yearning to help people, and write and tell stories to include marginalized groups of people. 

This film showcases not just the effects of trauma but the resolution that can be found by engaging in professional mental health therapy.

We are living in a zeitgeist where the world is craving real stories from real people who are not perfect but are messed up. Being messed up and bruised from your battles is ok. It's celebrated. In a society that is learning more and more about multiple genders, accepting numerous orientations, and recognizing various backgrounds, I know this is the right time to make a piece of art that showcases trauma, homosexuality, and self disassociation positively. We are ready to learn and adapt our thoughts on mental health and the mainstream acceptance of therapy in all cultures. 

I'm honestly no one special. Just a man with a story to tell. A story that I hope you will listen to and let allow it to entertain, educate, and teach you. 

Thank you for reading.

Aaron Castillo