NBC WTAP Article – Son of Sheba

October 1, 2020

Former Marietta resident returns to shoot short film in Washington County

By Cory Smith | Posted: Wed 7:32 PM, Aug 07, 2019  | Updated: Thu 12:14 PM, Aug 08, 2019

WHIPPLE, Ohio (WTAP) - A Marietta native hoping to make a name for himself in the movie industry returned to Washington County for the production of a short film he hopes to see released this fall.

Devin Teer was among a cast and crew of more than a dozen people shooting scenes for “Son of Sheba” Wednesday afternoon at the Grizer Castle in Whipple.

Teer graduated from Marietta High School in 2011 before attending the University of Arizona. After graduating in 2015, he began to pursue an acting career that eventually led him to Las Vegas to focus on content creation and film production

Teer said his mother actually recommended the Grizer Castle as a possible site for the filming of the movie, which is set in Ethiopia in 950 B.C.

Teer said he hopes to have "Son of Sheba" ready to show at film festivals this fall.

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